Mary Anderson Clark

United States, 1910 - 1994

Clark 15986
Maquette for "Peace", ca. 1935
Painted plaster
54 x 14 x 12 inches
  • Clark 15986 side1
  • Clark 15986 side2

Mary Anderson Clark, was a niece of the American Modern sculptor John Storrs.  Born in 1910 in Chicago, IL, she attended classes at the Art Institute of Chicago, Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh and the British Academy in Rome.  She also studied under her uncle, John Storrs.  Clark taught sculpture and ceramics at the University of Arizona and at Syracuse University.  Her work can be found in the collection of the Smithsonian.

Created for the WPA, the realized sculptures of "Peace" and it's related female mate, "Harvest" were installed in 1939 at the Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium in Peoria, IL.  When the sanitarium closed in 1976, the sculptures were moved to the Peoria County Courthouse, where they remain today.

This maquette for "Peace" was exhibited at "Paintings and Designs: Works Made For The W.P.A. of Illinois By Artists Of Chicago And Vicinity", The Renaissance Society of the University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, July 1 - Aug. 8, 1935 and at "Art for the Public by Chicago Artists of the Federal Art Project, Works Progress Administration, ”Peace”, “Half Size Plaster Model for Stone”,  The Art Institute of Chicago, July 23-October 9, 1938, #230. 

Mary Anderson Clark died in Springville, NY in 1994.

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